9 vitamins in a blend with tea and juice, the next generation coconut water mixes, a water with electrolytes packed in a sustainable packaging or a refreshment beverage with less than 5 calories. Our innovations within the beverage sector - and there is much more to come!

James Lind Vitamintea

Tee, juice and nine vitamins. A great tasting refreshment beverage which is creating a new beverage category!


Cool for you and great for the planet! A water in a sustainable package and filled with good minerals – that’s just clever!

Sunny White Beach

Organic coconut water from the green young coconut. Pure or in three innovative blends with an extra touch!

Mister Free

The first Stevia based refreshment beverage in Europe. Sugar-free and light! If you are looking for a great tasting product while keeping the calories low, this is something you should not miss.

NIDUS - the brand incubator

we develop food concepts

With NIDUS we have dedicated ourselves to an exciting, creative and promising product: food.

The food market is moving at a very fast pace. Overpopulation, healthy eating, obesity, convenience, innovative packaging, sustainability, scalability without loss of quality or clean label are just a few of the keywords that are already having a strong influence on the development of food products today and this impact will only become stronger in the coming decades. Our aim is to be a part in this process of change!

Our focus is primarily on food and beverage concepts aimed at the so-called "better-for-you" segment. These are usually products that comply with the latest global trends in healthy and natural ingredients, ecological packaging and exciting flavors while still tasting great. The aim is to develop branded products with a strong unique value proposition and to position them as independent, efficiently operating companies by taking advantage of all possible synergies.

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